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Dirty Impreza - Project Rally RS

There has been quite a bit of work done to the Project Rally RS since the last update about getting the car logbooked! We cut a hole in the roof, applied our vinyl graphics along with sponsor decals, along with strengthening bits of the car... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

Drove up to Torrance to meet with Jim Pierce who is a NASA scrutineer. Jim is a super cool guy and has quite a few road race and rally projects of his own. I got to snoop around the shop and check out an Evo swapped Group 5 mirage among other things! He scoped everything in the RS out and was satisfied with the cage construction... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

A packed rally cross is being held this Saturday and I didn’t want to miss it, so i got on the phone with Greg at Millennium Motorsports and asked him what it would take to get my exhaust leak fixed and get the valves adjusted. He said bring the car by and it would get taken care of... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

So I was under a time constraint to get the rally car out of the shop by the end of the year. The new deadline was announced and things had to spring into action real quick. As it sat, the PRRS was at the paint shop with a fresh coat of white paint on the interior, trunk, and engine compartment but that was it. It would need to be completely assembled from almost the ground up... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

Haven’t checked in on the Project Rally RS in a while? To put it briefly: the seam welding is done, roll cage is welded in, and the engine bay is completely stripped down. So what’s next… time to get this car painted, but not on the outside... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

Itís been a while since things were updated on the homepage regarding whatís going on with the rally car. The cage is literally one bar from being completed (harness bar), everything else is in and being finished up! Ill be getting some newer pictures very soon and will do another update. On to the newest pictures I do have! Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

Some major progress is being made on the Project Rally RS this week, big thanks goes out to Jackson Rally for really buckling down on our little PGT beast! Most of the main bars are already in, holes in the floor have already been cut so that the top of the cage could be welded... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

With Gorman Ridge Rally in the bag and Keith’s car up and running, the RS can finally get some love. Its been neglected for the last 5 weeks and i’m very excited to get going again. Another visit out to PlaCar / Jackson Rally had me scraping and picking again, this time making sure that the rear wheel wells are good to go for some seam welding... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

An update on what is going on with the PRRS. Took a trip out to Placar / Jackson Rally again recently to do what i could on the car to help things along. This trip was mostly scraping and wirebrushing metal, getting things ready for roll cage plates. Read on for some beautiful shots of our new gravel coilovers... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

Since the rallyx event got canceled over the weekend, I took Kyle up on the offer to come down to the shop instead of going and playing in the dirt somewhere else. I’m glad I did because we need to get the ball rolling on this damn car... Project Rally RS - Click Here to Read More

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