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Thread: DirtyImpreza Project RS (So What's Next?)

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    Default DirtyImpreza Project RS (So What's Next?)

    This thread will be used to document the progress of the DirtyImpreza RS rally car.

    Recent Video Clip:
    Oregon Trail Rally 2013 - Driving Sports TV

    Oregon Trail Rally 2013 - Onboard SS17 Chenowith

    Action Pics:
    Oregon Trail Rally 2013 (Photo by Subiegal)

    Mendocino Rally 2012 (Photo by Motorsports Memories)

    Gorman Ridge Rally 2011

    Prescott Rally 2010

    First GC Purchased: 7/16/07
    Second GC Purchased: 5/1/2008

    Table of Contents:
    7/17/2007 - Sticker Removal
    7/21/2007 - Applied DirtyImpreza Decals
    7/27/2007 - Trunk Stripping
    7/28/2007 - O2 Sensor Fix
    8/02/2007 - Knock Sensor Fix
    8/02/2007 - Trunk Sound Dampening Removal
    8/09/2007 - Hood Vent Cover Removal
    8/11/2007 - Rear Cabin Stripping
    8/16/2007 - Cabin Carpeting / Console Removal
    8/20/2007 - Cabin Sound Dampening Removal
    8/25/2007 - Rear Seat / Rear Dash Dampening Removal
    9/02/2007 - Trunk / OEM Wing Debadging
    10/27/2007 - RallyArmor 3/16 Front Skidplate Install
    11/14/2007 - Team Dynamics ProRally1 Wheels
    11/25/2007 - Soltek HID Install (First Position)
    12/18/2007 - DirtyImpreza Windshield Banners
    12/28/2007 - OEM Stereo / Front Speaker Removal
    1/9/2008 - First Time In The Dirt / Punctured Oil Pan
    1/16/2008 - Repairs Planned
    1/19/2008 - AUX HID Light Wiring
    1/22/2008 - Jackson Rally Main Lightbar Installed
    1/25/2008 - Emergency Rally Spill Kit
    1/28/2008 - Sparco 6 Point HANS Compatible Harnesses
    2/2/2008 - Clutch / Flywheel Replacement
    2/13/2008 - Gorilla Acorn Bulge Black 3/4" HEX (19mm) Lugnuts
    2/24/2008 - Custom OEM HID Brackets
    3/28/2008 - RA Roof Vent Delivered
    5/1/2008 - Second RS Purchase
    5/10/2008 - Second GC Gutting / Stripping
    5/20/2008 - Windows Pulled / Trunk Removed
    6/11/2008 - Doors Removed / Scraping / Coilovers Arrive
    6/18/2008 - Dashboard Removed / Airbags Out
    6/26/2008 - Seam Welding Prep
    7/2/2008 - B pillar Plates
    7/8/2008 - A/C and Cruise Control Removed
    7/19/2008 - Rally Tires Mounted
    8/27/2008 - Trunk Seam Prep / Coilovers Installed
    9/15/2008 - Main Cage Bars Bent and Tacked In
    9/17/2008 - More Cage Bars Fitted / Top Of Cage Welded
    9/24/2008 - More Cage Work
    9/25/2008 - More Cage Progress - Motor Pulled
    9/28/2008 - B Pillar X Welded
    10/9/2008 - Front Strut Plates and Bracing / A Pillar Gussets
    10/14/2008 - A Pillar to Front strut tubes / Interior Seam Welding
    10/23/2008 - Transmission Pulled / Underbody Seam Welding Prep
    10/26/2008 - Doorbar X's / A Pillar Reinforcement Bar
    10/27/2008 - Final Underbody Seam Prep / OEM brakelines removed
    11/6/2008 - Jackson Rally Rollcage Install Complete / Seam Welding Complete
    11/30/2008 - Safety Equipment from Safe Drives
    12/2/2008 - Engine Bay Cleaned and Degreased
    12/10/2008 - Roll Cage / Engine Bay / Cabin / Trunk Painting Complete
    12/22/2008 - Old RS to New RS Everything Swap
    1/27/2009 - Cage Film / Odds and Ends Things
    2/15/2009 - Quick Release Steering Wheel Install
    3/5/2009 - Valve Adjustment / Header Stud Repair
    3/7/2009 - Project Rally RS's First Time in the Dirt
    3/15/2009 - RS Trunk Debadged
    3/18/2009 - Logbook Issued
    3/25/2009 - Axle / Torn CV Replaced
    3/29/2009 - Painted A Pillar Support Bar
    4/3/2009 - Vinyl Graphics Installed
    4/4/2009 - RA Roof Vent Installed
    4/9/2009 - Group N Mounts / Catback Exhaust
    4/14/2009 - Brakes Inspected / RA Vent Latch / Scissor Jack Modification
    4/19/2009 - California City Shakedown
    4/25/2009 - Glen Helen 2 Rallycross Footage
    5/3/2009 - Roof Scoop Installed
    5/18/2009 - RallyArmor Mspec Mudflaps
    5/22/2009 - Fender Wiring Protection
    5/24/2009 - Day Stages Bumper
    5/30/2009 - First Car Show
    6/2/2009 - Proper Alignment
    6/20/2009 - Front Grill Aesthetics
    7/7/2009 - Hoodpins / Endlinks / Windshield Banner
    7/26/2009 - HID Wiring (Re)Installed
    8/10/2009 - Autometer Pro Shiftlight
    8/23/2009 - Used Michelin Rally Tires
    9/11/2009 - Cobra Imola Pro Seats
    9/20/2009 - Cal City Rally X
    11/6/2009 - Axle / CV replacement
    12/6/2009 - Forman Performance Opening / SCIC Photoshoot
    12/11/2009 - Sparco 6 Point Harness Install / Trunk Anchor Mounts
    3/20/2010 - Ghetto Air Horns Installed
    3/27/2010 - Terratrip 202+ Rally Computer / DSI Box Installed
    3/28/2010 - Peltor FMT110 / Hella Map Light Installed
    4/1/2010 - Personal Safety Items (Helmet / Shoes)
    5/20/2010 - DRTY RS License Plates
    6/13/2010 - New Plates On / Soltek Light Covers
    8/3/2010 - HANS Posts / Race Suit
    8/17/2010 - Feal Suspension Coilover Servicing
    9/11/2010 - Prescott Prep 1 - Brakelines / Front Axles / Pads / Other Stuff
    9/18/2010 - Prescott Prep 2 - Transmission Swap / Front Skid / LASSA Tires
    9/25/2010 - Prescott Prep 3 - Reinforced Front Skidplate / Front Towhook / Terratrip Mount
    10/22/2010 - Prescott Rally Recap
    12/4/2010 - DIRT 2010 Photoshoot
    2/24/2011 - Glen Helen 1 Rallycross
    3/19/2011 - Skidplate Bars
    5/4/2011 - Battery Tender
    5/14/2011 - Peltor G78 Helmet / Mock Rally Stage Practice
    7/2/2011 - Interior Cleaning / Trunk Wiring Fix
    7/9/2011 - Coilover Service / Sabelt Harnesses
    7/16/2011 - Underbody Protection
    7/23/2011 - Battery Cleanup / Trunkpins
    7/30/2011 - Quick Release Bumpers
    8/6/2011 - Front Fenderliners / Coilovers Serviced
    8/20/2011 - Coolsuit Cooler Install
    8/21/2011 - Trunk Ratchet Strap / Day Bumper / Misc Prep
    10/4/2011 - Gorman Ridge Rally 2011 General Recap
    10/11/2011 - RS Repainted White
    10/25/2011 - Glen Helen #4 / SEMA Show 2011 Preparations
    11/3/2011 - SEMA Show 2011 Featured Vehicle
    1/3/2012 - Peltor FMT-120 / ZerodegreeC Interface Box
    2/2/2012 - Modified Magazine - March 2012
    2/19/2012 - CRS Rallyschool and Rallycross
    2/27/2012 - Spare RS 5sp Transmission
    3/5/2012 - Windshield Tint Banner
    3/11/2012 - Prosport Premium 52mm Gauge Install
    3/25/2012 - Steering Column Reducer Install
    5/12/2012 - Hydraulic Turning Brake
    8/4/2012 - Mendocino Rally 2012
    4/9/2013 - Oregon Trail Rally Prep
    5/5/2013 - Oregon Trail Rally Recap


    Stock EJ25
    K&N Drop-In Filter
    Custom Magnaflow Catback

    AllWheelsDriven Bilstein/H&R 40mm Gravel Coilovers
    Whiteline ALK
    RalliTEK Rear Swaybar

    Wheels / Tires:
    Team Dynamics Pro Rally 1 Gravel Wheels (White) 15x6 +40
    LASSA Rally 3 Rally Tires 195/65x15 (Stage Rally)
    Hankook Ventus R201 G51 Rally Tires 195/65x15 (Rallycross)

    Jackson Rally FIA Spec Roll Cage
    Sabelt 6pt HANS Compatible Harnesses
    NRG Innovations Short Hub
    NRG Innovations Quick Release
    NRG Innovations 350mm Sport 3 Steering Wheel
    Cobra Imola Pro Seat (Driver)
    Cobra Imola Pro GT Seat (Co-Driver)
    Cobra Alloy Sidemounts
    Sparco Seat Bases
    Custom Battery Mount
    Custom Coolsuit Cooler System
    CNC Hydraulic Turning Brake
    Terratrip 202+ Rally Computer
    Terratrip DSI box
    Longacre Cutoff Switch
    Peltor FMT120 Intercom
    ZerodegreeC Phone / Radio Interface Unit
    Amerex 2.5 Lb. Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (x2)
    52mm Prosport Premium Oil Pressure Gauge
    52mm Prosport Premium Oil Temp Gauge
    52mm Prosport Premium Water Temp Pressure
    OEM Center Dash Gauge Pod
    Autometer Pro Shiftlight
    LifeHammers (x2)

    Jackson Rally Custom Stainless Lightbar
    Jackson Rally Reinforced 1/4" aluminum front skid plate
    Jackson Rally Front Towhook
    Front Bumper Slide Latches
    HDPE Front Fender Liners
    UHMW-PE Underbody Protection
    Rally Armor Mspec Urethane Rally Mudflaps
    Rallispec Roof Scoop
    RA Roof Vent
    JDM RS Roof Skin
    OEM Rear Differential Protector
    Mesh Radiator Screen

    Soltek 4" Fuego HID Driving Lights (x4)
    Soltek 4" Fuego HID Wide Cornering Lights (x2)
    Soltek LED Interior Domelights (x2)*
    Hella Codriver Light

    Braille Endurance Series B6034 Battery
    Group N Motor Mounts
    Group N Transmission Mount
    Oil Sandwich Plate Adaptor

    Stage Rally
    5/5/2013 - 3rd Place Open Light - 2013 Oregon Trail Rally (Rally America Regional)
    8/4/2012 - 2nd Place CRS-GT / 2nd Place SWRC Open Light (4th Overall) - 2012 Mendocino Rally
    8/27/2011 - 1st Place CRS-GT / 1st Place USRC Production AWD (4th Overall) - 2011 Gorman Ridge Rally
    10/2/2010 - 1st Place CRS-GT / 1st Place USRC Production AWD (10th Overall) - 2010 Prescott Rally

    3/17/2013 - 4th Place - Glen Helen / Porterfield Rallycross #1
    10/21/2012 - 2nd Place - Glen Helen Rallycross 2012 #5
    9/12/2012 - 1st Place - Glen Helen Rallycross 2012 #4
    5/20/2012 - 1st Place - Glen Helen Rallycross 2012 #3
    5/19/2012 - 5th Place - Glen Helen Rallycross 2012 #2
    4/1/2012 - 1st Place - Glen Helen Rallycross 2012 #1
    2/19/2012 - 4th Place - Ridgecrest Rallycross
    2/13/2011 - 2nd Place - Glen Helen 1 Rallycross
    10/10/2010 - 3th Place - Glen Helen 2 "Gymkhana This!" Rallycross
    4/4/2010 - 3th Place - Glen Helen "Follow the White Rabbit" Rallycross
    3/7/2009 - 7th Place - Formula Rally X (FRX) Glen Helen 1 Rallycross
    4/25/2009 - 3rd Place - Formula Rally X (FRX) Glen Helen 2 Rallycross
    9/20/2009 - 3rd Place - California City Rally X

    2/2/2012 - Modified Magazine, March 2012 Issue page 79 SEMA Coverage

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    Default Initial Thoughts on the RS...

    Well, i picked up a Black 2001 Subaru Impreza RS tonight for $6800. I bought it off a very nice guy named Kevin that works at SRT Motorsports in Yorba Linda, CA. I was stoked that he was interested in my plans for the car even after he sold it. Way cool. I can tell this is the beginning of a very big project, but i cant wait to document all the steps along the way. So heres my first thoughts:

    The Bad

    -The car has 120K miles on it
    -The clutch is slipping.
    -Passenger side front 1/4 panel has a nice dent in it.
    -The clear coat is coming off all over the rear of the car.
    -CEL is on because of a bad o2 sensor.
    -5th gear likes to grind a bit when it goes into gear. (eep)
    -The car is still registered in Illinois, so its out of state
    -The brakes pads are dead and the brakefluid hasn't been changed in a loonnng time.
    -Driver's side window doesn't roll up on the track without help.

    The Good

    -The car is black. I like black cars.
    -The seller gave me a replacement Exedy clutch that he bought, but never installed.
    -The Timing Belt was replaced at 94K miles
    -The Oil / Diff fluids have been changed recently
    -New spark plugs and plug wires
    -The interior is in very good shape
    -There are Hellas (500's i think) installed
    -Not a salvage title

    First night in its new home!

    Oh yeah, and the original owner sprung for the imitation CF trim... niiiice...

    So first things first, i gotta get the damn thing registered in California, thats going to suck, since I have to get it inspected by the DMV since they have to actually SEE the VIN number, and it needs to be smogged. Then once i can legally drive it around, ill go get that clutch replaced...

    The adventure begins...

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    Congratulations, the car looks clean. I'm happy for you. I know you were looking for a while to find one. Can't wait to see what your going to do to this monster. Keep the pics comming

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    Nice buy, can't wait to see what you have in store for it. I think you should spring for getting the entire body stitch welded and have a roll cage installed (tis what i want to do if i turn my wrx into a dedicated rally car).

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    nice buy. I don't know why I'd ask, but is this going to be a rally/rally-x car or do you have other plans?

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    The ultimate goal for this car is PGT stage rally competition (even though i havent figured out how im going to be able to drive in PGT w/o any experience yet)... but ill figure that part out soon enough.

    First things first though. The car needs to be smogged and registered in CA. Its still from out of state with IL paperwork. Not rad... since i have to figure out when im going to have time to get the damn thing looked at by the DMV, then theyre going to rape me because its from out of state so i'm going to have to shell out a few bucks.

    The car is definitely going to be caged, with a FIA spec roll cage. I already have an agreement with Coyote Fabrications in Orange, CA to do the work. The stitch welding part is up in the air, its a huge undertaking. I may have the strut mounting points reinforced, but to do the entire chassis might not be feasible. AP Boss in Los Alamitos would be doing the stich work.

    Well see. Theres a lot of small steps to take before i can take on the bigger aspects of the project.

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    Can't wait to see this RS in full DI paint/decal livery!

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    Default Cleaning and Sticker Removal

    Got home from work today. Shouldnt drive the car on the street since theres a sheriff station literally across the street from me. The car has no plates, no registration and no insurance... yet.

    So i took to the spot in my apartments where i could plug in my shop vac and clean it out a bit. Turns out i can subtract about $0.76 off the price of the car... BOOYA!

    After cleaning out the trunk I noticed that there is no factory jack in the side. no biggy, ill be getting a different one anyway. i wiped down the insides and things look much better.

    I had to get rid of the stickers that were on the car already.

    I didnt have any DI stickers on me (doh!) so ill slap some on tomorrow.

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    The girl looks really good! I wish I had mine but alas I dont have the cash. Hope you do us all proud!
    Blue '03 Impreza WRX

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    Aaron, you're really making me want to do this to my 97 OBS and make my 03 my daily driver. Why did you have to go and get a GC

    looks good and can't wait to see how it comes out

    Woods - 1
    Rex - Gone


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    Sweet car. I need to get an RS I can rally. My WRX hates me.

    2002 Aspen White WRX - gone
    1996 Outback Sport - 250,000 miles

    Never argue with stupid people. They will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

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    Out of state shouldn't be a big issue. Mine was from AZ and I had no problem registering it.

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    Yes the STi is getting a bit fussy (strange steering clunk?), but i've been trying to be nice to her. I know shes happy to have the RS around so i can beat the crap outta her instead.

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    this is going to be an awesome car.

    It would be good to have a timeline and milestones to hit so you know if you're on or off track with schedule.

    I would love to see this car in a stage rally.

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    well look what I found for you on CL today...

    just in case you want some spare parts cheap

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