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Thread: So I went wheeling in MOab. . . .

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    Default So I went wheeling in MOab. . . .

    So I went wheeling with some friends in Moab and here's who showed up.

    Two 4" lifted FJ80s (land cruisers), a 3" lifted FJ Cruiser and me with my 3ish" lifted legacy.

    We had talked and discussed some hair-brained ideas for a couple years, but once I got my AUDM dual range AWD transmission, it was on!

    We decided to run lockhart basin north to south, IN A DAY!

    One traverses some amazing scenery and dirt roads for about 20 miles to GET to the trail

    . . . . many of those miles are amazing rally miles!!!!

    When we left the initial phot point, all knew who would be waiting on whom, and it was so.

    Kane creek road opens up after hunter and gatherer canyons, past he switchbacks

    We decided to meet at the Kane creek trailhead for some airing down. .. . well, they wanted to air down

    Then we rallied up to hoorah pass, but there were a couple photo ops en route.

    @ Hoorah Pass

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    So, there were two spots in the canyon where I high centered on break-over angle and needed a tug from Bret ( I was able to drive out both times once all wheels were in contact. Both were preventable hang-ups, had I built the run out up a bit more with more rock stacking, but alas, Lockhart in a day IS 37 miles of trail with a lot of them techy to very we were trying to make time.

    But it was VERY satisfying, fulfilling, enlightening, and impressive to get a full time AWD sedan UP the lockhart trail!!

    So we'd been making pretty good time all things considered (2 dogs, 4 rigs, 3 friends riding along for the fun and two 3-yr olds)

    Then, not too long thereafter..... the trouble started!

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    A weak half shaft (had been clicking for nearly a year) FAILED!!!!

    This meant flat-towing the soob the remaining 30+ miles of the trail and highway 191 back to Moab. . . .uugh!

    AWD is NOT 4WD
    I know that I know that I know that

    And here is exactly the difference. If I had a locking center diff, I could've limped out in 4WD essentially as RWD, but to practically (and I mean in a practical world, without marrying 3 gear boxes to have 4.11s, FT AWD and 1.59:1 low) have that option it'd be FWD when not 4WD. I can't have that!!
    After all AWD is All We'll Drive!!!

    Turns out with the VCLSD I could drive a little on flat and power downslope

    But I could not drive out the remaining two-track (which would have been a breeze after what I'd already sent) unaided. And of coarse I didn't have a trail spare (thankfully the one I'd intended to bring was also SHOT, so would have just been that much more infuriating)

    Then after a couple miles of this (aka 10 minutes)

    We popped a tire smacking a little ledge. . . compression flat, shoulda aired up... BUT hind sight is always 20/20

    so then we were REALLY on for a ride!!!

    Not surprisingly, my pix stop

    . We limped it out and dropped the rig off at Newspaper rock

    to be retreived by AAA plus' 100 miles free towing the following day!!
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    Great pics, love your front bumper. At least the day started well.

    Thanks to S&S Auto Parts, Mishimoto, aFe, Spec, Whiteline, Rally Kings, Konig, Vaughn Performance

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    strangely enough, this tow truck driver had TWO AAA calls that morning for downed red subarus, mine (a 1995) and another (a 1994) both out near canyonlands (needls district) by Indian Creek!

    Then on for repairs to get back rolling.. . .

    Locally I could get ONE half shaft from $60 - $80 depending on core exchange (small towns kinda suk sometimes

    But rock auto saved the wallet and supplied 2 front half shafts shipped for $82ish, WITH hub nuts AND roll pins!!

    awesome = win!

    and the debilitating, handicapping culprit. . . .

    I'm not positive, but I do not believe this articulation is within specifications of a Subaru half shaft

    And while under the car, I noticed another repairto be done. Here's some rack, inner tie rod action needing some love

    A quick call to tire rack had another 27x8.5 14" General Grabber AT2 en route on standard shipping (from Reno) to arrive 2 days later, letting me get the rig up and rolling in time for the T-day holidays.

    All in all a good trip and successful test of the AUDM DR AWD EJ 5-MT

    But next time, I'll make an overnight of it and enjoy some of the awesome trails, (hiking scenery and amazing landscape!!)

    A HUGE and hearty thanks to Gary, Bret, and Taylor for the spotting, encouragement, support and patience!!
    It was awesome, we should wheel again!!

    BECAUSE, other trails are whispering in my ear. . . . white rim in a day??

    stay tuned (and check other footage and different Moab and Superu vidz)!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretendingtowork View Post
    Great pics, love your front bumper. At least the day started well.


    ultimately it ended well enough, just was a LOOONG one.

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    So Lockhart in a day?!!! Who does that?!!
    We did!!! Albeit a 14 hour day!!!

    Here's the tech canyon

    and the track of our entire trip!
    7.20 AM - 9.49 PM 50ish mile loop Moab - Moab

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    Awesome thread! Good share

    96 impreza (H6 swapped, wider body, Fxt trans)---
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    I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your car, I've been searching the web for some time now looking for info on the different dual range trannies subaru came out with and stumbled across your thread on the aussi form which I found quite helpful.
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    Its fun to see my rig referenced in different places.

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    Awesome shots of the leggy on the rocks!

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