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    Default New 2013 CrossTrek

    In orange. Love this car. Bought it for my daughter, for her first car. I like it so much i didn't want to give it to her. LOL More of these cars in our future for sure. Didn't think i was gonna like the CVT transmission but i actually love it. Especially in manual mode. This car hauls butt in manual for the engine thats in it & it's specs. Not too sporty of numbers to be sure.

    REALLY love this car. I am not diggin the dark cave-like interior, but it is my daughters car, not mine & thats what she wanted. Love the paddle shifters. This car also stops faster than ANY car i have ever driven.

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    Glad you like it! I am honestly tempted by the XV but I really would like a diesel version with a 6-speed manual!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lminette View Post
    Glad you like it! I am honestly tempted by the XV but I really would like a diesel version with a 6-speed manual!

    Me too, but that would make too much sense. They don't want us to get good mpg. If they did we would have stuff like Europe does.

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    My wife asked if she could be your other daughter.

    Congrats though! I want to get her one as well, it's like a CR-V except way neater.

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    I liked that car since I saw it! Very nice interior now that I can see it! Great choice
    “To everyone, a Subaru stands as a shining beacon of hope that one day, all cars will be made this way.”
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    LOL, thanks for the replies. Believe it or not, we may be getting 2 more of these. Wifes car is paid for early next year. I need something besides my 8-10 mpg Power Wagon to drive when i retire soon. I think i will get killed on my motorcycle if i keep riding it---too many friggin MORONS on the road with cell phones/texting/GPS & just not paying attention. Wife want me to get one to stay alive !

    One daughter is ENOUGH !!! 17 & knows everything---i told her just because she has a smartphone doesn't mean she knows everything. LOL

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    Hey, does anyone know if the trailer hitch on these new CrossTreks will make the screw in tow hook unuseable ??? Hitch is going on in a few days, just curious.

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    Congrats on the XV, very nice!

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    Well, here is the scoop. The trailer hitch does NOT go where the cut out in rear bumper is, it goes underneath it. It also makes the screw in tow hook point unusable. The hitch frame covers it up. Seeing as how it is only rated at 1500 lbs, i think a hole could have been made & reinforced to keep the tow hook point usable & still keep the 1500 lb weight rating. Just my .02c

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    i have the 2013 in silver and flat out love it. Agree with the comment on the diesel version...that would so rock! I recently added the aerobars to mine, purchased from the dealership. I have the sun roof with mine and have to say that the placement of the front bar is directly over your head, so with the roof opened, the noise going down the road is unbearable. Thinking I am going to move it back for now and just move back to the front as needed.
    Anyone else have this issue???

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    Sweet Ride man! Congrats! I love how those cars drive too. Totally would buy one for my daughter!

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