Isachsen 1st at Red Bull Global Rallycross Seattle

SRT USA driver Sverre Isachsen takes first place at Red Bull Global Rallycross Seattle! It was a long hard day for SRT USA, but the Viking Warrior prevailed in the final event. Starting from the second row, Sverre Isachsen rocketed to the front with one of his trademark launches. It was a decisive choice to […]

Red Bull GRC Los Angeles – Rounds 7&8

Day 1- The Saturday race at Red Bull Global Rallycross in Los Angeles left Subaru Rally Team USA wanting more. The day started well with Isachsen and Pastrana out front during the semi-finals securing a strong 2-3 finish. Bucky Lasek was not as fortunate and ended up in the Last Change Qualifier (LCQ) where his […]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.

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Quote: Originally Posted by tsidreams SAFEDRIVER has a kit as well. But If the price was right, i would be interested. I can weld, but I can not bend or cut tube, this would be ideal for me. Safedrives... kit is build by autopower, it's okish. Although safedrives seems to have disappeared into the ether. I say yes, it really can't be a high volume venture but more good kits can't be a bad thing. Especially since the cages coming out of Broken look pretty nice. One thing I would like to see in the above cage is to have a bend in >>
New "race" brake pads showing up on Thursday just in time before the last two races of our SCCA Solo Autocross season. EBC Blue Stuff pads for the front WRX caliperrs and Hawk HP Plus for the rear Outback H6 calipers. The only reason they are a mismatch is I came across two separate deals online that saved me $150 off of retail pricing, other wise they'd be all the same brand. >>
I'd like to pick these up for my girlfriends Outback this winter. just over the budget. See you at the next rallycross either way! Scott >>
^^^^ I'll think about giving that kit a try! Seems like a useful piece for not too much cash. In the meantime, I am entertaining buying another turbo if I can find a cheap on nearby. Also, I originally purchased the car not running from a guy who blew his engine by running w/o oil. Is it possible that the lack of oil tat originally paperweighted the motor could have also caused turbo issues. The engine is replaced but I still have the original turbo. Thanks guys. >>



Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.


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