FIA WRC Production Rallying Class Changes in 2015

Following the FIA’s decision to re-align the classes in production car rallying for the 2015 season and to make R4 cars ineligible in FIA-sanctioned European rallies, we spoke to FIA WRC Technical Delegate, Jerôme Toquet, to get the lowdown on the changes and to see what they mean for competitors: Q: When was the decision… [Read More]

Empire State Performance Rally Rescheduled for Fall

The organizers of the Empire State Performance Rally regret to announce that due to record setting snow fall in the Northeast this winter, the roads are still impassable with up to two feet of snow and ice on 75% of the stages. Pete Lahm of P-Sport, was in the area this past weekend to create… [Read More]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.


I bought my 2005 STI specifically for RallyCross and do use it as a daily driver too. I did the King Springs and Feal Suspension upgrades which made the >>
I will be at Nationals this year. Got 4th in PA last year in a 2005 STI. I will be driving the 2005 STI again this year and >>
Tomorow i will do the rally car inspections, 0 & 99 at sanair speedway tarmac rallyX i dont like tarmac rallyx its the reason i dont race, i keep my >>
Just going to leave this here >>

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It is strange how the term "rally racing" sounds so weird / awkward. ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

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John HoelscherYeah. Try searching the internet for "rally", it doesn't work. I wish it had a more unique name.12 hours ago   ·  1
Charlie Valentine98.9% of Americans don't know what rallying is... And it sucks... There are a few little rally clubs here and there but it is nothing like it should be.. Oh and the first time that you take them for a ride along off road is one of the greatest experiences ever, make sure you have a dash cam rolling..5 hours ago
Jake BlevinsAlso rallycross is not rallying.2 hours ago
Erik CorcoranMost of the time when you mention just rally to peole, they think you protest shit... That's the only time I add racing to it, is when I talk to people who don't know what it is.11 hours ago
Dalton ZabeckiBut its true, that's what it is... Try telling someone from the US you're going to a ralli, they're gonna say "don't forget the monkey"13 hours ago   ·  1

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Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.


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