Isachsen 1st at Red Bull Global Rallycross Seattle

SRT USA driver Sverre Isachsen takes first place at Red Bull Global Rallycross Seattle! It was a long hard day for SRT USA, but the Viking Warrior prevailed in the final event. Starting from the second row, Sverre Isachsen rocketed to the front with one of his trademark launches. It was a decisive choice to […]

Red Bull GRC Los Angeles – Rounds 7&8

Day 1- The Saturday race at Red Bull Global Rallycross in Los Angeles left Subaru Rally Team USA wanting more. The day started well with Isachsen and Pastrana out front during the semi-finals securing a strong 2-3 finish. Bucky Lasek was not as fortunate and ended up in the Last Change Qualifier (LCQ) where his […]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.

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I wanted to be able to change timing, fuel maps , shift maps things like that and still stay n/a as i am a poor college student with no money to boost right now hahah >>
Quote: Originally Posted by Garrettscal Only after it is warmed up. I'll start it and it will be just fine, then I will drive about 1 mile, do some boosts on the straightaway, then after it's warmed up there will be white smoke (or steam) coming up from the turbo area. I have my heat shields off and still can't find a source. This: http://www.amazon.com/Spectronics-TP...rds=uv+dye+kit Works wonders. I use it for my oil and coolant to know exactly what's happening where. >>
I think there is already quite a bit of availability on these. I think Grant (NoCoast) offers this from their templates, and then there are the Custom Cages kits. I feel like there's someone else who offers a kit as well. >>
Set of 4 General Altimax Arctic 205/55/16 with Subaru 2.5RS 6 spoke wheels. Used them for one winter and 3 rallyx. About 2000 street miles with almost full tread left. This is my favorite tire for stock class and I even used in Modified. Will deliver to the November Detroit region SCCA rallyx or can be picked up in the Ann Arbor MI area. $650 OBO >>
Stock suspension will be fine. Allow you to stay in stock class, which will be good for you anyways. If you want to daily drive it and want a bit better performance for rallycross, see about getting the struts revalved by Feal. A lot of the WRX try and find the STI struts to have them revalved and install on their car if thats any indication of how your suspension works for rallycross. Revalving will put you in Prepared class. >>



Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.


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