Successful WRC debut for JRM Subaru WRX STi

JRM’s production-specification Subaru WRX STI completed its maiden FIA World Rally Championship event at the weekend, finishing 37th overall and third in the N4 class at Wales Rally GB. The car was driven by privateer Brendan Cumiskey. The Irishman was one of the first customers to purchase the all-new 2014 car – built as part […]

Launch Control - Season 2, Episode 14 – “Subaru Country: Part Two”

In Part Two of the season finale, Subaru Rally Team USA watches as Sverre Isachsen battles to the finish line against Joni Wiman – can he hold on for the team’s first Global Rallycross win? Then, in Las Vegas, Bucky Lasek, adds an exclamation mark to the season by coming back from a big crash […]

Bucky Lasek On The Podium at GRC Las Vegas

Subaru Rally Team USA closed out the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Season in Las Vegas with another podium by a determined Bucky Lasek driving his Subaru WRX STI. In one of his best performances of the season Lasek took victory in his semi-final race and then earned a hard fought third overall in the […]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.

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#dirtyimpreza Instead of cracking the pan on a speed bump, rip the whole thing off coming down on a giant rock li... pic.twitter.com/ISnTVFpEGy




Instead of cracking the pan on a speed bump, rip the whole thing off coming down on a giant rock like you mean it! ... See MoreSee Less

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Justin SherronOr put on some primitive rally skid plates and don't break nothing then drive home10   ·  19 hours ago

Josh LucasStephanie Vrchoticky :-P1   ·  15 hours ago

Culver VolkhardtLIKE YOU MEAN IT!1 hour ago

Nathan NolanThat's amazing, Now I know what I need to do to break my Juke like a boss3 hours ago

Dustin TicknorAlonzo Lopez Carter Jones18 hours ago

Andy KrzyzanowskiTucker Scharf omg lol19 hours ago

Scott ClarkYes!19 hours ago

Ryan KellerWww.get-primitive.com call them up drop my name and get 10 percent off under armor, 15 percent on full under armor1   ·  14 hours ago

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I replaced clutch, throw out bearing, and pressure plate on 2007 Subaru Impreza, non-turbo. Now the car won't move and when clutch is engaged or disengaged ½ way a grinding noise can be heard. Car can be pushed and moved even when shifter is in gear. WTF!!! :pissed::pissed: Any help would be appreciated. Here is a video of what is happening. >>
also rare factory-option alloy wheels (gold painted) >>
Update: Finally got the rear struts bolted up. Then ran into another small issue with reconnecting the endliks. With the car off the ground I jacked up the left rear strut to get the endlink into the spindle. This when I decompressed the left side the right side of the sway bar got hung up and wont clear the bolt holding the brake line into the caliper. I ended up disconnecting the left endlink again put the tires on the car and when I lowered it I could hear and see the swaybar scraping past the caliper bolt but >>
I haven't posted on here in over a year. Today I purchased a Donor car from a guy in Burbank, Ca. Sadly the donor is a 1.8l fwd automatic which couldn't be any farther from what I actually want the car to be, however I NEED everything on this car to get my caged shell driveable. I will post more pictures of the donor in the morning. Simply put its not pretty. The underside of the car is worse than that. This kinda changed my plan to drive the donor for a few months to test the reliability of the >>



Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.


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