SRT USA #1 at Rally in the 100 Acre Wood

David Higgins and Craig Drew dominated at this weekend’s snowy Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. With ice covering 50% of the roads yesterday and steady snow all day with 6+” of accumulation, this was a true snow event. The 2015 Subaru WRX STI handled the treacherous conditions with ease and performed flawlessly all weekend. […]

2015 WRX STI Wins Debut Event at Sno*Drift

The debut event for the new 2015 Subaru WRX STI at the Sno*Drift rally in Atlanta, Michigan was a flawless event for SRT USA. The new car exceeded all expectations, taking David Higgins and Craig Drew to a sweeping victory. As always, Sno*Drift drew large crowds of spectators despite the harsh winter conditions. The enthusiastic […]

SRTUSA's 2015 Open Class STi Teaser Photos

Subaru Motorsports has alluded that their new 2015 Open Class STi is ready and teased us with the following one liner: “Tucked away in a far corner of rural Maine, Subaru Rally Team USA tests the new 2015 WRX STI Open Class Rally car.” From the close up angles, its obvious that this is David Higgins […]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.

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DON'T look at the hay bale! Nice save.
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So I'm lifted on Forestor Take Offs, with General Grabber AT's, on an 02 WRX wagon. The problem is that when turning full lock right, and hitting a curb, the wheel comes up and hits the plastic washer for my RA mudflaps. It's caused the washer to turn up, which has made it even worse. Any ideas on how to stop this? Or am I just going to have interference with my RA's? Any thoughts whould be great, I'm not sure if an alignment can push the tire forward at all. Also, will how much of an offset can I run from >>
Quote: Originally Posted by 409industries It would be useful to post up the wheel size / bolt pattern. I agree, I am interested if they are still available and a 5x100. >>
Hi all, I've seen this site a few times in searches, but I haven't been an Impreza owner ..... until now. I am coming from a modified 2005 Outback XT, but i just bought a 2008 STi for some fun. It was modified reasonably by the previous owner (adult) in very practical ways. I like a lot of features of STi's, particularly the transmissions, but I think a lot of the 'rally' is taken out of them by most owners. I enjoy going into the backwoods a bit and I want to modify the already-modified car for >>
MORE! I need to see more of this build asap lol such quailty! Keep pushing! >>



Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.



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