Launch Control – Season 3, Episode 1 – “Paradigm Shift”

We’re really excited to see that Launch Control is back for a third season. See some behind the scenes footage of Subaru Rally Team USA’s development of the 2015 Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car, and see how it performs at Sno*Drift Rally. After two years of development, Subaru Rally Team USA puts everything they’ve… [Read More]

SRT USA #1 at the Olympus Rally

Subaru Rally Team USA claimed victory at the 2015 Olympus Rally, marking their tenth consecutive Rally America victory, and 4th consecutive win in the 2015 championship season. David Higgins and Craig Drew could not be happier with the result and the performance of their 2015 WRX STI Rally car, which has won every event it’s… [Read More]


If this is your idea of the perfect road, you are not alone.


Sold the Takara TOMY 08 GD model plus a couple hotwheels! >>
going to willow springs this weekend, sunday to be more specific. running the big willow track and if any of you are interested, the discount code is "big31". >>
Thanks I'm really enjoying it. I got new tires, and front rotors and pads on it, now I just need to order some new struts for it but other that >>

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This photo is DI worthy. #dirtyimpreza A little backside for your viewing pleasure. #subaru #wrx #sti #dailydrivenpic.twitter.com/uygYtPAc19


When's the last time you made somebody EAT YOUR DUST? #dirtyimpreza #subaru #impreza #rally #usrally #urbanrally #boostroost ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

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Curtis HimmelbergerIts been a loooooong time, and I miss it dearly...7 hours ago   ·  2
Kyle Lambert12 hours ago   ·  3
Brandon CreedeLast Sunday13 hours ago   ·  3
Michael JulianIt got dustier as the day went on....12 hours ago   ·  1
Michael JulianAt the last rallyx, and I'm sure I will be this Sunday too!12 hours ago   ·  1

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Looks pretty chilly, you might need one of these.


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